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My “dental story” is a long and complicated one. At the age of 7, I had a root canal and repair of 3 teeth. I was a clumsy kid (and now I am a clumsy adult), and seemed not to have the reflex of putting out my hands to break my fall(s). Thus, my teeth were always taking the hit. My after school snack was almost always lemons dipped in sugar; 2 of them (lemon half, dip in sugar, repeat).

By the time I was 18, I was a massive night grinder. Finally, to add to the perfect storm of teeth destruction, I went through 10 years of severe bulimia. Shockingly enough, all of these behaviors appear to be detrimental to one’s dentition.

I have known for several years that I was going to run into big, big trouble down the line. My back teeth were so pitted and eroded that I could easily cut my tongue on the sharp edges. Because I had 4 crowns in the front and 2 veneers on my incisors, the damage wasn’t very obvious to the average person. However, every time I had the guts to REALLY look at my teeth, I would feel an overwhelming anxiety. I had known Dr. Kinsley socially for many years, although that is not why I chose to consult with him a few years ago. I knew I needed more than cosmetic dentistry alone, I needed RESTORATIVE dentistry. There are very few dentists in my area that do that type of work but I knew Dr. Kinsley was one of them. I thank God every day that he has that specialty. It is hard and tedious work to be sure.

When I first consulted with Dr. Kinsley, my biggest fear was that my teeth would not be salvageable and I would end up with a full set of dentures. (I am in my mid 40’s and am still clinging to a shred of vanity!) Dr. Kinsley took pictures of my teeth (to this day I can barely look at them) you can SEE the dentin under the sparse tooth enamel. He did what is called a “records” appointment where impressions were made of my teeth along with other necessary techniques to exactly duplicate my own bite so he could completely analyze my situation. I couldn’t believe how thorough he was. A week later, we got together for a consultation to discuss “our plan”. He assured me that he could save my teeth, however, every tooth would have to be restored with a combination of veneers, crowns a bridge and a couple of root canals. He also recommended a splint to be worn at night (night guard) for protecting everything in case I were to still continue my grinding and clenching. As daunting as that was regarding cost and numerous appointments, it was an ENORMOUS relief to know that I could be fixed. I honestly almost wept.

What followed was a 3-year plan of complete mouth restoration (Dr. Kinsley is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to his work). I can’t begin to count the hours we spent together. During some appointments, no one ate, no one took breaks, he and his staff went above and beyond the call of duty. I work in critical care. I KNOW how long those days can be.

To say I am happy with the results is an understatement of enormous proportion. I have a few dentists in the family on my husband’s side and they are in disbelief of the work that was done and the outcome that was achieved. I regularly receive compliments on my teeth and smile. The best part of this process is how much anxiety it relieved when I wasn’t constantly worried that my teeth were going to “crack” off (I had repeated nightmares about that)! I truly hope my story helps to dissuade any young woman away from the idiocy of bulimia and I hope clumsy people learn to put their hands out when they fall!

To sum it up, I don’t know how Dr. John did what he did. I truly believe that there are very few dentists who could achieve the results that Dr. John Kinsley did. I am forever grateful. Dr. Kinsley will ALWAYS be my dentist, until one of us dies! Phenomenal man – phenomenal work – phenomenal staff.

There is simply no way to make TOTAL mouth restoration cheap. My husband and I both agree that with what he did and all of the time that he gave to do it, he was UNDERPAID.

Jackie Ferguson, ICU Nurse, Fairview Hospital


Dr. Kinsley,

After years of using denture adhesive cream to hold in my old worn out dentures, I visited Dr. John Kinsley DDS in Rocky River, Ohio on the recommendation of a family member. I was fed up with using the adhesive cream two and three times a day and was having difficulty in chewing my food. Dr. John told me that two dental implants along with better fitting dentures and sharper teeth could vastly improve my ability to chew.

Dr. John and his staff were extremely kind, professional and very exact. I had two implants placed for the bottom denture, none for the upper.

Two new dentures were later constructed and fitted with great care and skill. I am now finished with all procedures. I feel like a whole new person and better yet, No More Denture Cream! I can eat anything I want and my whole mouth feels great!

You can get dentures and implants at a lot of places, BUT BE CAREFUL! Not all will fit well or be done with such precision! Thanks to Dr. John and his staff,

Richard B. Lowry, Berea, Ohio

Maddie In November of 2010, my senior year of high school, I decided to donate blood early in the morning three days before Thanksgiving.

I’ve never had problems donating blood before, but I was not so lucky this time around. An hour and a few needle pricks later, I was done and walking back to class when the next thing I knew I was picking myself up off the ground. I had passed out from donating blood, and if that had not been enough, I had broken off my front side tooth. The fall also resulted in serious trauma to my other three front teeth as well. One was pushed back in and the others had multiple cracks and were badly chipped.

Thankfully, Dr. John Kinsley was able to get me in immediately after the accident for emergency repair. Working efficiently and professionally, which I have noticed is Dr. Kinsley’s way of doing things, I was back to my normal self with four front teeth secured.

Because of the amount of damage and trauma I had caused to my teeth in that fall, these teeth could not stay in the state they were in and required extensive restorative treatment. I was scheduled for several root canals and was prepped for two temporary crowns and two temporary veneers. The result was four new gorgeous front teeth!

As might be the case for anyone, the thought of having my teeth completely completely redone was a terrifying thought. All I could picture in my head was looking like Mr. Wilson from “Dennis the Menace” when Dennis replaces his teeth with Chicklet gum pieces.

I was assured that this would not be the case, and Dr. Kinsley proved that by showing me some work that he had done on previous patients who had similar types of traumatic injuries to their front teeth. After seeing the pictures of the work that Dr. Kinsley had done, I was comfortable and confident that I would not have to worry and that Dr. Kinsley and his team would do an amazing job just as they had done before.

I am so grateful for the work and effort that Dr. Kinsley, Rose, Jessica and Valerie had put into this process. I cannot thank them enough for all the time and careful planning they had dedicated to perfecting my new smile!

Maddie Simpson, Student, St. John’s University


I believe that Dr. John Kinsley is an excellent dentist. He has provided my family and me with dental care for over a decade.Dr. Kinsley and his staff are kind, gentle, thorough and up to date with today’s dental and orthodontic technology and practices. His offices and treatment rooms are bright, hygienic and comfortable.

Recently, through the care of Dr. Kinsley, I experienced an orthodontic program called Invisalign, the alternative to metal braces. Invisalign braces are clear invisible aligners that I wore 22 hours, everyday. Since they were removed during meal times, I was able to continue to eat my favorite foods. I was also able to brush and floss normally without the hindrance of metal braces.

Every two weeks, I would be given a new set of aligners that got me closer to my goal. I could see and feel my teeth getting straighter. At the end of my 10-month Invisalign treatment, my teeth were aligned perfectly. Dr. Kinsley then recommended bleaching. He added some bonding material to my lower teeth to make them all the same height. He also made me a set of retainers that I wear only at night while sleeping. The final result has been amazing! I now have perfectly straight teeth and a healthy looking smile, thanks to Dr. Kinsley’s professionalism and attention to detail.

For anyone interested in the Invisalign program, or any other dental treatments, I highly recommend Dr. John Kinsley.

Colleen Feighan M.Ed., Author, Speaker and Educator


Dr. Kinsley,

I have reached a time in my life when I had to make a decision to restore my teeth or opt for dentures.

With the encouragement from my husband and Dr. John Kinsley, I decided to save my teeth!

Since the Kinsley family has been our Dentist for over fifty-five years, I knew I was in excellent care. After many appointments and several procedures, and Dr. John Kinsley’s patience and expertise, my teeth were finally done.

My teeth feel great and my smile is beautiful! It was one of the best decisions I have made and was definitely well worth it!

Charlotte Piersa, Brunswick, Ohio

Dear Dr. Kinsley,

I just wanted to express my thanks for the excellent job you did on my mouth! When I came to see you years back for a cracked tooth, I had no idea that it would lead to a great recovery for a mouth that was in very bad shape. In time I have come to believe that you have really saved my teeth and help heal a very troublesome jaw. I believe your work has been been a big part of relieving my migraine headaches. My goals after consulting with you were to ease pain of a damaged jaw, change the appearance of my embarrassing smile, and most importantly, save my own teeth so I could keep them far a long time. You have helped me to acquire these goals! It has taken a few years and a few hours in your chair, but I am so happy that I made this journey with you and your staff. Your guidance has brought me to better health.

Today I am no longer embarrassed of my teeth and I am very happy to smile! I am most grateful for your patience and professional competence. Dr. John, you have truly performed a miracle in my mouth!

Most Grateful,
Father Tim, St. Christopher’s Parish, Rocky River

Hi Dr. Kinsley,

Our son, John, is currently away attending his first year of college and doing well. That may sound like something commonly expected for an 18 year old, but when he was a junior in high school we were not sure how he was going to make it through another day, much less graduate and go to college. We are sharing this story in the hope that others might receive correct diagnoses and treatment if they are suffering from similar problems.

John suffered from chronic headaches and we followed the usual treatments prescribed by the medical community. He missed about 30 days of high school in the spring of his sophomore year and 60 days in the fall of his junior year. Our home life was greatly affected as we tried to find help for him. Our son’s Pediatrician was wonderful and is now retired. He had years of experience, but after treating our John for migraines with the current medications available, he referred him to pediatric neurology at a renowned Cleveland hospital. There we were told that his headaches were the symptom of a psychological disorder and visits to a psychologist and a psychiatrist were recommended.

Our son was willing to work with mental health professionals to find relief from the headaches, but something did not fit. He would often comment to us that he was basically happy and he thought he just had regular problems like everyone else. During this time of treatment, John was on many medications, including: Maxalt (for miraines), Elavil (anti-depressant effective in reducing headaches), Benadryl, and a mix of over-the-counter pain relievers. A once vibrant and energetic teen was now obviously impacted by the long term use of medications. His high school was compassionate and did everything they could to provide us with options, including tutoring to keep him on track to graduate. But essentially, the level of functioning in his daily life was very low.

In January of his junior year we took John to see Dr. Kinsley for his routine dental visit. Unfortunately, life gets busy and thus we were over a year and a half past due from our previous dental appointment. Dr. Kinsley was alarmed at the amount of tooth wear my son had on his front teeth as a result from bruxism (a dental word for grinding). After learning about my his chronic headache problem, Dr. Kinsley surmised that the headaches were a result of a misalignment of his bite and said that a custom orthotic mouth piece should work to bring relief from his pain while also managing the wear problem of his teeth. After all we had been through, we wondered if this really could be the cause, and were cautious about getting our hopes up. However, Dr. Kinsley had taken care of our family for years, as well as his father and grandfather before him. We knew enough to trust his judgement and expertise. We are thankful we did.

Within a week of wearing the appliance at night, John was free from headaches and was soon weaned off all medication. As he returned to life, John was able to finish high school and work at a job to save for college. Currently, he has just completed his first 4 weeks of his freshman year away at college. He is still headache free and growing and developing happily as a young man should. Words alone can’t express our gratitude!

Nancy Prebul, Bay Village

Dear Dr. Kinsley,

This is not a letter of recommendation, but a thank you letter for being a real professional in dentistry. I feel very fortunate to have you as my dentist, not only because of the restorative and cosmetic work but primarily because of the ease with which I am able to eat. Additionally, the change in my teeth certainly helps with my digestion.

One definition of a professional is having or showing a skill, good judgement, and polite behavior expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. You and your staff exemplify this quality. On a scale of one to ten, you are all ten! I want to thank you again for being so professional, it will always be appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

Don Kelly, Retired teacher and varsity baseball coach, Rocky River

Dear Dr. John,

I’d like to thank you for all the wonderful care you’ve provided Denise and I over the years. I can still recall the first time we met. It was upon my return home from Europe when you performed an emergency root canal late on a Friday evening. Denise called you and asked if you could see me as a first time patient, under less ideal circumstances, and you didnt hesitate to help.

Over the years you’ve improved my dental health remarkably. I’ve never had healthy teeth, but this didn’t deter you from the challenge. Over a two year period you reconstructed almost every tooth with crowns, veneers, and fillings. That was 6 years ago. I haven’t had a cavity since with my most recent visit being nearly perfect aside from some normal wear and tear. Even more remarkable is we’ve been living in Chicago the past four years but you still treat us as if we never left.

This demonstrated your true commitment to your patients. Besides being an outstanding dentist, you’re a good friend. You’re always caring about not only us but our families in such a genuine way. It’s very easy for health care professionals to become remote and sometimes even cold towards their patients. Not you. You’re as warm as a friend we grew up with and cherish. Thank you again for the superb care and most importantly your friendship.

Best regards,

Steve DiBiase, Chicago, Illinois

Dear Dr. Kinsley,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the outstanding care and dedication that you have shown my family and I. As you know, my wife has dreaded seeing the dentist for years. Your caring attitude and attentive devotion to your patients has been so apparent that after speaking with you only once, my wife has expressed to me, for the first time, a desire to see a dentist. She has already expressed to me numerous times how much she is looking forward to the healthier and brighter smile that she will develop through your dental expertise.

Thank you very much for your kindness and impeccable bedside manner. Without a doubt I will recommend you to all of my friends and family. You are worth your weight in gold!


M.K., Parma, Ohio

Dear Dr. John,

The work that you did on my opposing crowns has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. Recall that I saw another dentist for some dental work approximately six months ago. I thought I needed root canal treatments.

You examined my mouth and made some xrays. You said root canals could be an option but you remained hopeful that by adjusting my bite we could sove the problem. The morning after the first day I had the adjustment, I had little to no sensation of soreness. After a couple days, the problem which caused me to have sore teeth and worry everyday for 6 months, had entirely dissappeared. I had abandoned all efforts to chew only on one side of my mouth. Since your outstanding work on my teeth I’ve had no pain, jolts, or post eating aching! Thank you again for your excellent work and for saving me from the root canals I thought I had to have!

Tom Reynolds, Lakewood

I have known Dr. John since he was a very young boy. I would recommend his services to anyone. He has always been there for me and my husband. I am always pleased with his fine work. He is always up on the latest procedures.

Dr. John’s staff has always been very kind and patient with my husband and I. He takes extra care of my husband because he has Alzheimers. Dr. John make us feel at home.

Laurel Cantleberry, Avon Lake, Ohio

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