Emergency Care

Asian woman wincing in pain and looking for an emergency dentist in Rocky River OH An emergency dentist is just a call away. John L. Kinsley, DDS General & Restorative Dentistry, offers compassionate emergency dental care to both new and existing patients at our Rocky River practice.

When you’re experiencing a dental emergency, the first step is to call our office as quickly as possible. Our staff will walk you through the appropriate steps to take, and arrange to accommodate you as soon as you can arrive at our office.

Is it Really an Emergency?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether or not the situation you’re experiencing is a true dental emergency. Here are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Am I in pain or suffering from sudden discomfort?
  • Is my situation too embarrassing to go out in public?
  • Did a tooth break, fall off, or get knocked out?
  • Is there uncontrollable bleeding?

Managing Broken or Knocked Out Teeth

An avulsed or broken tooth can sometimes be put back in place. Take care to not handle it by the root, and only gently rinse it with tap water if there is visible debris. Never scrub the tooth clean, as this can damage important fibers that aid in reinsertion.

If it isn’t possible to put the tooth back in place, store it in a container of milk or contact solution and bring it to our office immediately.

Broken Fillings and Crowns

Man with a broken tooth is looking for an emergency dentist in Rocky River OH. Worn teeth or recurrent tooth decay can sometimes lead to old restorations breaking off when you least expect it. Depending on the type of restoration, such as a crown, we can sometimes bond it back into place. Visit us within the next day or two, but be sure to avoid chewing on that tooth to prevent any unwanted fractures.

Call an Emergency Dentist Right Now

Are you in pain? Do you have a broken tooth? Call John L. Kinsley, DDS General & Restorative Dentistry right away for affordable emergency care.

By investing in state-of-the-art equipment and instruments, our office is able to provide more efficient, minimally-invasive patient care. These resources ensure the maximum level of comfort for each patient,

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